Representation at local government

Chris Davis Law has represented land owners (developers, community associations, businesses, residential owners) in matters where local municipal councils are making important public decisions.  We also represent parties before planning and development authorities.

Development agreements

Chris Davis has acted for municipalities (Calgary, Okotoks) in the preparation and completion of standard "subdivision development agreements" (agreements prepared pursuant to sections 650 and 655 of the Municipal Government Act).  Davis Jensen has routinely worked on "one off" special agreements that arise from conditions of approval for both subdivisions and development approvals.


Unique matters arise from time to time in the course of applications before municipal authorities that may require discussions with the local government and its staff.  Typically, a local government may be seeking something from a land owner; it is reasonable to expect that a land owner may seek their own comfort on matters over which the government has authority or control.  A balanced approach to discussions with the local authority is our usual approach in negotiations.

Condominium matters

Chris Davis has personally served on three condominium boards and has been the chair of his current condo board since 2008.  Chris also acts for condo owners in the purchase and sale of units.  Chris has acted for owners in disputes with condominium boards and has also appeared in Court on behalf of condominium boards / corporations.

Chris has prepared the required documentation to establish a condominium, including the preparation of unique easements and restrictions necessary for most condominiums (both bareland and conventional).